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Review: The Wilson Street Pantry

Review: The Wilson Street Pantry

The Wilson Street Pantry
6 Wilson Street, Glasgow Merchant City G1 1SS

I've reviewed The Wilson Street Pantry twice so here's both reviews:

1 February 2015:
I was delighted to be able to check out The Wilson Street Pantry on its first day of opening. 

This place popped up quietly where The Plum Tree used to be - I heard about it through the Bakery 47 newsletter (who will be doing some of the bakes here!) and it was empty when I visited on their first day but I'm sure once the word gets out it won't be that way for long. I was warmly greeted and told I could sit where I could like. 

The decor of this place is very slick - stark white walls, black and white tiled floors and some nice leafy green plants to offset all the white make it feel very modern - as well as letting in loads of sunlight. It actually felt spring-like and warm sitting inside on a freezing cold day. 

I looked over the menu and ordered mackerel pate with beetroot salsa (£5.50) as I was actually heading somewhere else for lunch, so just wanted a light bite. The menu is adventurous and interesting - there's delicious sandwich options like chorizo and manchego, halloumi with pickled vegetables and Harissa yoghurt. If you're not quite so adventurous there's more traditional options like ham and piccalilli. You can also build your own platter from delicious bits and pieces from their deli counter. 

The pâté arrived quickly with two large mounds as well as side salad on the plate. I'd been asked if I wanted bread or oatcakes and got 6 oatcakes which was the perfect amount for the pâté (I hate not having enough oatcakes!). The pâté was lovely - tasted like it was made fresh in-house as it had a huge punch of mackerel. The beetroot salsa was unusual and I really enjoyed it, I would go back and get this pâté again even though I want to try everything else on the menu too. 

The staff here were relaxed, warm and welcoming. There didn't seem to be any first day nerves and they all dropped by my table for a chat while I was there which gave my day a real boost as they were so passionate and keen to hear my feedback. 

Another thing to note is they'll be getting their own coffee roasted for them by Papercup Coffee Co so that will be worth going in to try if you're a coffee lover in Merchant City.


13 April 2016:
I've been back to Wilson Street Pantry so many times now that this review definitely deserves an update!

I've tried a lot of the menu now and I have to say - they've yet to disappoint me. As I like to use this as a working space, I normally just have tea and cake while I'm here. The honey bergamot cake is a thing of beauty and probably one of my all-time-favourite cakes in Glasgow. 

I also love the brunch offerings and have even had eggs florentine as an afternoon snack. Win. They have ever-changing specials so make sure you check out the board before you order. In the summer they make their own lemonade which is perfect for anyone who is sick of fizzy drinks or sugar conscious. You can get a whole pitcher! 

The staff are warm and friendly. The place is comfortable and they don't seem to mind if you pitch up for a few hours work (I always order excessively as I feel bad about working from cafes). Wilson St is definitely one of my Glasgow favourites and I always get really excited when someone else tries it out and loves it as much as I do!

Parking: on the street, out the front if you're lucky or park at King Street carpark and walk up. 

Kid friendly, great with dietary requirements and the loos are downstairs (with a disabled loo at the top of the stairs).



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