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Review: Temaki

Review: Temaki

Temaki Glasgow Hope Street

Sushi burrito is one of my all-time-favourite things I've ever eaten, but I never expected to find a place doing them in Glasgow. So when I spied Temaki on facebook, I honestly nearly fell off my chair.

I've tried sushi burrito at Sushiritto in San Fransisco and seriously love it – taking two of my favourite cuisines and meshing them together in a way which feels a little bit wrong but mostly oh-so-right.

Temaki Glasgow Hope Street inside Japanese restaurant cafe

So I paid Temaki a visit on their 2nd day of business as I needed that sushi burrito in my face. The place is really nice inside – like a small Japanese cafe with really nice decor and lighting.

The menu is a lot bigger than I expected – as well as sushi burrito they do temaki cones (an ice cream cone shaped sushi roll), sashimi, nigiri, maki, sushi rolls, bento boxes, k-cupbop (which I have NO idea what this is but will investigate next time), rice and noodle dishes, tempura and ramen.

So it's a massive menu for a small place. I only had eyes for sushi burrito and ordered the salmon and avocado to takeaway (£7.90).

Temaki Glasgow menu

It only took them a few minutes to prepare and I was on my way. I drove home from town so it was about 15-20 minutes before I even got to unwrap it but I was impressed by the size, it really was the size of a burrito. It was stuffed with nice big chunks of avocado and salmon, as well as cucumber and pink rice.

The pink rice makes it even more photogenic (I believe it's just beetroot colouring). There was crispy shallots in it which really added a nice punch and really stood out in terms of flavour. Overall, I was impressed by the freshness and zing, and even though it was super filling I still managed to scoff the lot. 

Sushi burrito temaki salmon avocado

Perhaps the price is a little high but I won't be eating there every day so it was a nice special treat. The other minor issue I have to comment on is the lack of Mexican flavours – I expected a few more Mexican influences at least, but that being said, I did really enjoy the taste all the same. 

Temaki Glasgow sushi burrito salmon avocado

The rest of the menu at Temaki seems like it's worth investigating, especially that k-cupbop so I'll be back soon. 

Sushi burrito salmon avocado
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