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Review: Singl-end

265 Renfrew Street, Glasgow City Centre G3 6TT

Brunch! Is it the best meal of the day? I'm going to say yes, yes it is. There isn't many meals I love more than brunch and I am always excited about trying somewhere new for brunch when Brunch Club comes around. 

I was glad that Singl-end were able to take a booking for our large group (I did need to leave a £5pp deposit on card which they gave back to me in cash on the day) and I thought they handled a large group really well. There's always a bit of back-and-forth with drinks/food orders but all the staff looking after our table were really friendly, calm and competent which was great!

The brunch menu is all kinds of amazing. I was struggling to decide and that's before I looked at the specials board. I stuck with the usual brunch menu and got the veggie breakfast with avocado. The veggie breakfast comes with eggs your way (poached, obviously), roast sweet potato, mushroom, roasted cherry tomatoes, home-baked beans and spinach, and a slice of toasted bread from the bread menu. Yes, BREAD MENU. This place has a bread menu. And don't stress if you're gluten free as they have tonnes of options for you. Yesterday's selection included brown Hovis, sourdough, seeded, nut-olive, rosemary focaccia, sweet potato and almond, banana pecan and scones. Woah. What a whopper bread menu. I had sweet potato and almond. 

So how was the food? Well, the fact I managed to steal two of Graeme's eggs meant I had a full-to-bursting plate of veggies with 4 eggs and the sweet potato almond bread, but I was up for the challenge. Of all the veggie breakfasts I've had in my years, I think this was my favourite purely because it was so VEGGIE. Everything was cooked perfectly and I loved the roast sweet potato for something different. Even the beans were good, and I hate beans. The avocado was amazing and had chili through it, I was so glad I got it as extra. I have to agree with Gordon who said the sweet potato bread was probably a little too sweet for a breakfast food but I still really liked it. 

I also decided to try a smoothie even though I know milk/milk-type things can make me feel sick. Their smoothies are made with coconut milk and I actually didn't feel sick from it, so that was a win. I had the green smoothie with apple, avocado, cucumber, spinach, mint, lime and coconut milk. I liked how it was presented in a Jeremiah Weed jar and for £4 not bad value as it was really large. I'd definitely have one again and apparently the added option of oats is totally worth it.

We got some cakes to take away (yeh, I know, I'd eaten a LOT already) and loved the passionfruit vegan one. The cake table is epic and there was a lot of Yelpers drooling near it (not on it) during the brunch. 

I loved Singl-end. This place is great. So great in fact that I'm going back today for lunch. 

Notes: the rest of the place was medium-busy on a Sunday so I reckon you could easily rock up and get a table without too much stress.

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