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Review: Primal Roast

Primal Roast
278 St Vincent Street, Glasgow City Centre G2 5RL

I love food. I love eating. I also love checking out new businesses. All of these things collided today when I visited the brand new Primal Roast on St Vincent Street (up near Charing Cross). 

First impressions might be that this is a paleo cafe, and I guess it does cater to that customer but they are actually also brilliant for anyone with dietary requirements/allergies, or anyone who just wants really tasty food. At the moment, I'm mostly sticking to dairy free/gluten free and found that the food here fits that perfectly - the staff really know their stuff in terms of ingredients and allergies and will happily talk you through what is suitable. There's also a couple of options each day which are suitable for vegans - the veggie Buddha bowl as well as dessert/sweet options. 

It's also a much bigger space than expected - there's a few seats in the front area but then a really large seating area out back. It's perfect for a casual lunch spot with couches, or working with a laptop as there's power points and wifi (with a password which I didn't ask for on this visit!). I sat out the back and the guys were nice enough to bring my food out to me which I appreciated. 

So, the veggie buddha bowl. The veggies will change depending on what they cook but today it was sumac aubergine which was all my dreams come true - I love aubergine so much. Served with steamed rice, spinach as well as chickpea stew and topped with crispy kale, it was absolutely delicious. You can tell that these guys know their food as it was packed with flavour and I totally loved it. For £5.50 I thought the portion size was just right and left feeling perfectly full. 

They do Dear Green coffee and Tea Pigs tea - super fruit is absolutely amazing! I also got a couple of slices of cake to take away as they have dairy free options - chocolate orange cheesecake sounded too good to resist!

If you're in between 7.30-11am (or all day Sat) they do breakfast which sounds good and has something for most people - porridge, hash browns, breakfast burritos. Other lunch options include frittata, soup, grilled chicken, steak. The menu isn't massive but there's a lot of variety. 

I'll definitely be back!

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