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Review: Gamba

225a West Regent Street, Glasgow City Centre G2 2ND

Gamba is a favourite of ours, and I'm embarrassed that it's been so long between visits. I mean, I even concluded my last review saying that it wouldn't be two years til I came back... yeh, it was 2.5 years. There's just so many good eating options in Glasgow!

Anyway, thanks to my best friend back in Melbourne who got us vouchers for here for our birthdays (thanks Gemma!) we had dinner here on Thursday night. The restaurant was maybe 1/3rd full and weirdly we were seated right next to another table (a total bugbear) of mine but thankfully they were finishing up their meal and left not long after we left. 

I had my standard Gamba meal: fish soup followed by half lobster thermidor. I would love to order something different but I just really love this meal. The fish soup on the a la carte menu comes with crab meat dumplings and is just heavenly. 

I love the lobster - it is just so rich and indulgent, and feels like a real treat. I love the cheese sauce and I felt like this was a very meaty lobster as it was really filling. The chips are great to soak up the sauce. Yum.

lobster thermidor.jpg

We decided not to have dessert - if the frozen chocolate cake was on the menu I'd have made room for that but sadly it wasn't, so we just got the bill and headed home. This is a pricey meal out - our bill came to just over £100 with two glasses of rosé prosecco to start and a glass of wine with Graeme's main. But I really love Gamba and their dedication to seafood so don't mind it for a special occasion. 

One little grizzle which was more weird than anything is that our coats came back from the cloak room smelling of cigarette smoke. Now, I have a really sensitive sense of smell and loathe the smell of smoke, so I noticed it when maybe others wouldn't, but I still found that a little bothersome. Maybe next time I'll keep my coat on my chair!

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