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Review: Crabshakk

Review: Crabshakk

1114 Argyle Street, Finnieston G3 8TD

Oh my Crabshakk, why did I wait 5 years between visits?! WHY?! 

So I first visited Crabshakk in 2009 when I first moved to Glasgow and I believe that Crabshakk wasn't long open. Before Finnieston was even cool! I returned again the following year (I think) for lunch with a visiting friend and always meant to go back again, but somehow time flew by and it ended up being ages between visits. 

I decided to head here for an early birthday lunch and booked by email which was super easy. We arrived for our booking and were shown upstairs - now as others have mentioned, Crabshakk is a small space and they'd done brilliantly to fit in lots of tables, but it is kind of squashy. So you might get to know your table neighbours pretty well. Upstairs the seating is pretty good though, we were in the corner and had plenty of space on the table for all the food we ordered. 

We ate: 

Scallops in anchovy butter. We actually ended up eating two portions of these due to a mix up in the kitchen. Oh what a blow! This dish is amazing - perfectly cooked scallops, swimming in luscious salty butter. Oh yum. Definitely get some fries to accompany this dish to soak up the butter. 

Crab cakes. I actually only tried a little bit of these as I thought they might be more cake than crab, but I was totally wrong - bursting with crab and not much filler, they were very impressive. 

Mackerel with wakame salad and soy. This was one of the specials of the day and was probably my favourite dish. The mackerel skin was super crispy and delightful, the salad was just perfect. I felt like I'd hopped on a plane and had been transported to Japan. I very nearly ordered a second portion, I enjoyed it that much. 

Spoots. Probably the only dish I didn't love. The waitress explained what we could/couldn't eat on the spoots which we really appreciated - I'd had them before, but served differently so I was a little confused. The main (?!) part of the spoot was lovely but overall, the other dishes we tried were better. 

Grilled langoustines. A really generous portion, really juicy and succulent. I love that they don't do too much to the seafood here, instead they let the food speak for itself. 

Gravalax. Served with two home made oatcakes, this was some seriously rich salmon which was just lovely. I really liked the little salad that came with it too. 

With a couple of drinks our bill came to just over £75 which I thought was good value for an indulgent lunch. High praise also needs to go to our exceptional waitress who was super helpful and friendly - we were never left wanting for anything and she diligently explained all the specials to us with helpful pointers and guidance. 

We left with massive smiles on our faces - Crabshakk is still such a wonderful place to eat at, and I'm so glad we had lunch here. Alongside Table 11 (a few doors down) they are doing some seriously good stuff with seafood and deserve some very high praise. I can't wait to go back. 

(Note: so what's the difference between Crabshakk and Table 11? Personally, I'd say if you're looking for a long, chilled, grazing & drinking session then Table 11 is where to head. Crabshakk is probably more suited to a starter-main-dessert kind of meal if you've got plans afterwards. I've heard that Table 11 are expanding though, so this advice might change!)

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