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Papercup Coffee Co inspired Baked Eggs

There's a lot of things to love about Papercup – the friendly staff, the delicious coffee (even for me, a novice drinker) and the cool decor – but one of their biggest drawcards is their baked eggs. As I'm a southsider I have made up my own version for lazy weekends when I can't manage to get over to the West End. This recipe should be enough for two people (or one really hungry person).

Poached salmon with grated shiraae salad

I love all things Japanese, and thought I could put a twist on my usual grated salad by taking inspiration from the Japanese dish, shiraae. Salmon is a regular feature on our menu, and I wanted to try a different way of cooking it so I poached it in some miso and served it with the shiraae salad, pickles and some rice.

Aubergine Daal

I spied Aubergine Daal in Jamie Oliver's new book, Save with Jamie and cooked it last night. What a winner it turned out to be! I suspect 2014 is going to be year of the daal in our house! 

Basel tart

What's a Basel tart? I know, right – all you really need to know is onion, bacon and Gruyere. Hello dream combination of food! The recipe looked pretty straightforward, just whip up some pastry, cook a filling and stick it in the oven. 

Rice paper rolls

I am a huge fan of rice paper rolls and make them every now and then for lunch or dinner. What is great is that you can put whatever you want in them, there is no set recipe. 

Spaghetti squash - two ways

My American friend Liz mentioned a magical vegetable to me the other day - spaghetti squash. I'd never eaten it before (I'm also not sure I've even eaten squash) but she showed me a picture of how it turns out when it's cooked, and I couldn't resist.