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Work from home but have nothing to eat?

Work from home but have nothing to eat?

Note: today is my 5 year bloggy-versary! That's right; on a whim 5 years ago I started up The Glasgow Food Blog and I never expected it to grow so much – I'll write a full post about the adventure in the coming weeks! My kitchen tips & tricks post got me thinking about working from home. Before I started working from home full time (or at Yelp Glasgow HQ as I like to call my office) I imagined that it would be a feast of slow cooked meals on the stove and lots of homemade snacks to keep me going through the day.

And at first, it was. I was able to make sure I had a proper lunch organised, or at worst I would be able to knock something up on my lunch break while still having time to watch Neighbours (don't laugh, it helps me keep my accent). But then as work got busier, and there was more and more events, things changed. I stopped eating properly and would rely on whatever was fast and simple to keep me going – ranging from Doritos and goats cheese to ready meals ... or worse still, pot noodle (side note: pot noodles in the UK have nothing on 2 minute noodles from Australia).

It doesn't get much quicker than scrambled eggs with ham and spinach.

I came to the slow realisation that my diet was killing my ability to function as a human being, and resolved to do a bit better. So I wanted to share some of the lunch and snack ideas that keep me going – these aren't really just home working meals, but also adaptable for an office environment (or where ever you work!).


Not just a healthy option, but a great way of using up leftovers hanging around your vegetable crisper. My personal favourite is inspired by a juice I had in San Fran called "prescription". Juice two oranges, add to a blender with one apple, a handful of kale (stalks removed) and mint. Blend. I don't have a juicer so I use a Magic Bullet but this should be easy to adapt to a juicer.

I have a go-to smoothie which I always have after roller derby training, but it makes for a great breakfast smoothie or mid-afternoon pep up. Add one banana and about 200mls of almond milk to your blender with a tsp of raw cacao powder (cocoa powder works too). For an added health boost you can add chia seeds.


I try to keep snacks simple: miso soup, apple with peanut butter, Bounce energy balls (but these are pretty pricey!) I'd love more snack ideas if you have any to share!



I find batch cooking is the easiest answer to be short on time.

This week I made chilli con carne and portioned it into 200g bags (probably 150g is a better size if you're having it with rice). I also purchased Tilda bags of rice that go in the microwave. I'd never tried them before, but for a 2 minute answer to rice, I found them quite tasty. The lime & coriander flavour was a little odd though, if I'll be honest.


Warm up the chilli and rice and chop some lettuce and coriander while you're waiting. Whip it out of the microwave, top with salsa, cheese, yoghurt/sour cream and the lettuce and coriander. For an extra treat, add some crushed up Doritos (I'm an addict, ok?)

Otherwise I'm really getting into soup. Graeme made a tomato and lentil soup the other night from The Medicinal Chef which was absolutely delicious and filling enough to have without bread.

If you work from home, I'd love to know how you keep on track with your meals!

Chicken & seeded mustard pasta

Chicken & seeded mustard pasta

Papercup Coffee Co inspired Baked Eggs

Papercup Coffee Co inspired Baked Eggs