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What we ate in Madrid, December 2011

What we ate in Madrid, December 2011

This would have been called Where we ate in Madrid, but to be honest I can't remember well all the places well enough, and I can't find them online. So you'll just have to sit back, relax and enjoy some obscene pictures of delicious food.

First night! Sangria, patatas bravas, ham croquettes and prawns

This was at a casual restaurant near Gran Via station, called Iowa. Lovely, relaxing and delicious food and not expensive either (actually, none of the food we ate was expensive)

I can't quite remember where this place was but it was a bit more upmarket and had older clientèle. We had a mix up with the order and didn't get all the dishes we ordered, but thankfully none of us went hungry with these paellas - top is meat only, and the bottom is shellfish. As well as croquettes (yes, my favourite food) with some very skinny fries.

A relaxed before lunch snack - ham, cheesy sticks, cheese and a bucket of 5 beers for 3 euros!

At this bar, we were totally lost. The owner didn't speak any English and we were struggling to even get English menus in our very bad Spanish. Thankfully a customer of the bar spoke English so came to gave us a hand, as well as give us the low down on New Years Eve in Madrid. We had bread with a tuna spread, a platter of grilled vegetables, patatas bravas (spicy) and more croquettes.

Mercado Plaza San Miguel was one of my favourite places in Madrid - a heavenly food market. We had lunch here one day and managed to sample loads of delights - mini hamburgers were the highlight though! This was my first (and only, sob!) taste of churros as well. Yum.

 This was the second meal we ate at


 which was an unusual, modern Spanish restaurant with insanely delicious food and had a queue to get in, so obviously it's good. We had sirloin steak with brie, salmon rolls, chicken skewer and baked potato stuffed with ham and topped with an egg.

We didn't eat a bad meal in Madrid. Maybe we were lucky, or maybe we've got a good eye for these things. I cannot wait to go back to Spain to discover more amazing foods. Alas, we're off to Amsterdam next month so Spain is going to have to wait for our return visit.

If you want any accommodation/restaurant recommendations, leave me a comment and I will let you know the parts of Madrid we explored, although I'm sure we missed out on loads of amazing stuff.

After 5 days in Madrid, we returned to Glasgow stuffed as a googy-eggs (Australian saying for "egg") so we are embracing 2012 as a year of healthy eating, healthy living and exercising more. Don't be put off, we'll still be dining out (of course!) and baking cakes - but I will be including more home cooking posts with suggestions for how it's super easy to be healthier without depriving yourself of tasty, appetising meals or feeling hungry.

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