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Vue de monde, Melbourne, Australia

Vue de monde, Melbourne, Australia

We've been off travelling the world, and eating a lot. It's nice to be back in Glasgow though - in the next few weeks we'll get back to full-steam blogging now we have our two weddings out of the way!

Here's a treat for you, the best meal I have ever eaten. We had some seriously amazing food while we were in Melbourne on our honeymoon/second wedding and lunch at Vue de monde took the cake in every aspect - food, service, views.

Amuse bouche: Angassi oyster & crispy venison sandwich & pumpkin & smoked eel, white chocolate, caviar

Salt and pepper hidden inside the decorative rocks: 

Spanner crab, avocado, lime, caviar:

Beautiful cutlery

Pine mushrooms, walnuts, bird’s cress, cona infusion:

Marron, corned beef sandwich , brown butter emulsion: 

Fried duck egg, lamb sweetbreads, pickled onion, truffle:

Cucumber sorbet, crushed herbs:

Southern blue fin tuna, fennel, wasabi, beach herbs:

Kangaroo, radish, swede, turnip:

Blackmore wagyu beef, chestnut, wild garlic:

Assortment of cheeses, bread, jams:

Heavenly cheese trolley:

House made lemonade, frozen toffee apple, popping candy:

Lemon meringue ice cream, white chocolate, lemon curd, parsley:

Tonka bean soufflé, smoked cocoa ice cream:

Looking at these pictures, I've totally sunk back into food-coma heaven. This meal was amazingly decadent, it was paced perfectly (to eat that much food you definitely need a lot of time and not to be rushed) and all the dishes had a huge amount of wow-factor. There were certain dishes I loved more than others, but I wouldn't say a single thing we ate was a let-down or disappointing. 

I think it'll be a while before we eat that well again!

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