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The Wee Curry Shop, Glasgow West End

The Wee Curry Shop, Glasgow West End

We ate at The Wee Curry Shop in Glasgow's West end on Saturday 17 April. We stopped in for a mid-afternoon dinner as we were seeing an early movie at the Grosvenor in Ashton Lane. The Wee Curry Shop is in a great location, up some stairs and overlooks Ashton Lane which is great for some interesting people watching (especially when it starts pouring with rain and you can see everyone running inside the Ubiquitous Chip over the lane!). We were offered an option of two lunch deals - either the wee taster menu where you had a thali of two tasters with raita, rice and chappati for £5.75 or a two course pre-theatre menu for £7.95. We went for the pre-theatre menu, and were also lead into temptation with dips and pappadums to start.

Some pictures:

 The dips to accompany the pappadums - without knowing for sure, they were spiced onions, mango chutney, a yoghurt-y dip and lime and pickles. All very delicious!

 My entree of eggplant samoso with chickpeas. This dish changed my life! I have never, ever enjoyed chickpeas before but these were lovely and flavoursome, not too firm and not too soft and really packed with flavor. Yum.

 Starter of chicken pakora, delicious and interesting to see some vegetable in the batter - possibly spinach. Very tender chicken inside.

My main. Lamb menthi gosht - lamb cooked in fresh fenugreek and a touch of spinach. Ok, so it doesn't look too appealing but this was one of those dishes that really changes your perception of Indian food. I'm used to your standard, every-day kind of flavours and was expecting much the same. But this was on a whole different level of flavour, the lamb was tender and delicious and the sauce was intense without being too overpowering. I really loved this dish and tried to power through eating it, even though by this point I was totally bursting after eating so much. We had sides of rice and naan with our mains.

Chicken shasliq - served with a pastry-type swirl on top. The chicken was delicious, tender and the sauce was amazing.

 View out the window, looking onto Ashton Lane.

Wow, for a quick pre-theatre meal The Wee Curry Shop really impressed. I've eaten at restaurants before that give you the impression their pre-theatre food is cooked to a lesser standard, but this was definable not the case here and I can see why they were fully booked for dinner on a Saturday night. I loved this place and would love to go back to any one of their restaurants - they have two other restaurants in Glasgow, one on Byres Road and the other on Buccleuch Street. Highly recommended for an amazing meal.

Zizzi Glasgow West End

Zizzi Glasgow West End