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Review: West Brewery, Glasgow Green

Review: West Brewery, Glasgow Green

We ate at West Brewery on Saturday, 19 March. As we'd had lunch, it was more of a mid-afternoon snack to fend off drunkeness from too many beers!

west brewery on glasgow green templeton building

West is in a beautiful location, right near the People's Palace and on Glasgow Green. It is such a beautiful location in fact, that there was a wedding there on Saturday when we popped in for drinks. This meant the front room (the Hop Room) was closed off for the wedding and reception.

We love our beers and dived straight into West's own beers. While I am a member of a beer club, I am no expert and so will instead direct you to West's website for more detailed information about their beers. I thoroughly enjoyed the Hefeweizen for my first beer of the day, while my boyfriend went for the St Mungo. We later headed inside to enjoy some food - as it was mid-afternoon and I wasn't hungry enough for a proper meal, I had the cheese board. Delicious - served with the usual blue cheese, cheddar and brie, as well as butter (something I am yet to fully comprehend) as well as a delicious red onion chutney. The chutney was lovely and rich, really made the cheeseboard a bit more interesting than the usual.

cheeseboard in glasgow at west brewery

(I apologise that the cheeseboard has been half-eaten in the photo!)

My boyfriend had a pepper chicken sandwich which was served with chips or salad (he chose chips!). The chicken was lovely, soft and velvety and the chips were lovely and fresh. One thing I love about West is the accompaniments - I love that they give you four different sauces for your chips. Very generous and well appreciated!

west brewery glasgow chicken sandwich.jpg

Pepper chicken sandwich with chips.

We also shared some onion rings - I should have learnt by now that I don't enjoy onion rings, but my boyfriend loved them!

onion rings at west brewery in glasgow

We had a great afternoon at West and wouldn't hesitate to go back.

Since this review, we’ve been back to West hundreds of times and it’s a firm favourite. It’s dog-friendly and has a great beer garden when the weather is nice. The food at West is now slightly different from above so you’re best checking out their website for a current menu.

two pints of beer at west brewery in glasgow
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