Briony Cullin The Glasgow Food Blog


Hi! I'm Briony Cullin. I've been writing The Glasgow Food Blog for more than 7 years. I love Glasgow and I love food, and I love being able to share some of the great businesses which make our city so interesting with you on this blog.

Here's a little bit about what you'll find on my blog:

  • I only write about the places that I love. Life's too short to write whole blog posts about meh experiences. So if somewhere is mentioned on here, you know I loved it and I recommend it. 
  • I don't write about freebies or blogger events. I don't accept money for sponsored posts. Everything I write about and review is paid for by me. 
  • I only write about local, independent businesses. To me, they're so much more interesting than chains. I like to be able to give independent businesses a bit of love through this blog.
  • I work as a freelancer marketer and social media manager. While I am contracted to work for a client, I do not post anything about them on my blog. 

As well as writing blog, I'm the organiser of The Finnieston Food Crawl. I'll also be bringing Scotland's Cheese Toastie Festival back in the second half of 2017. And of course, there's always other exciting secret stuff I'm working on, which I'll be sharing with you very soon.  

If you've got somewhere you'd like to suggest should be featured on The Glasgow Food Blog, please get in touch